Miami’s Associated Student Government (ASG) will be hosting a charity dodgeball tournament to benefit its Student Success Fund.

The tournament will be open to all students at Miami.

The event was announced at the ASG meeting on March 13 by 5th District Senator Charles Kennick.

The tournament will take place on Central Quad from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on April 7. 

Joining the tournament costs $5 per player. All proceeds from the tournament will go to the Student Success Fund which helps students who have financial limitations experience extracurricular activities.

Winning teams will receive prizes which are currently undetermined.

Students can register in teams of 6 to 8. All students can enroll their teams online at

Also at Tuesday’s ASG meeting, junior Jordan Wirth was elected as an off-campus Senator, and the results of the Student Body President election primary were announced. Juniors Meaghan Murtagh and James Gale advanced to the runoff election, while junior Alex Boster was eliminated from the race.