Katie Taylor, Campus Editor

Indiana University (IU) has named current Miami University Vice President of Student Affairs, Barbara Jones, a finalist for a chancellor position at its branch campuses in Richmond and South Bend.

According to a resume released by IU, Jones has served at Miami since Aug. 2008. Among other positions, she was the assistant chancellor of student affairs at the University of Wisconsin from 2000 to 2008.

In an article posted by The Cincinnati Enquirer, the chancellor position is equivalent to CEO of each campus. Jones is among three described as the finalists at IU’s Richmond branch, and three more at IU’s South Bend campus.

Jones said, at this point in time, nothing is set in stone.

“They will probably know in the next two to four weeks what they’re going to do, and at this point it’s kind of like sorority rush, it’s a mutual selection process,” Jones said. “It’s an opportunity for me to look at them, and them to look at me.”