Ben Meinking, For The Miami Student

When the weekend comes knocking on the door, many students are trying to get out and about as fast as they can. What is involved, you might ask? Well, in most cases, there is dancing, drinking and conversation. Some people enjoy a night at the bars. Some enjoy the clubs and raves. Some enjoy the peace and quiet of their home until their roommates come back from the bars, clubs and raves. Many of us enjoy our weekends in very similar ways, however, there is one factor that sometimes gets overlooked by those who are looking for some live entertainment. There is a gentleman’s battle going on between the DJs and rock stars of live music.

Live music is very underground in the city of Oxford. Hole in the Wall, Mac & Joe’s and O’Pub are a few bars that hold an “open mic” night as well as host music performed without the help of a DJ. Performance, in itself, is an act. A crowd comes to enjoy the sights just as much as the sounds. A guitarist playing a song that he is covering or one he wrote himself can be enough for some bar-goers to have a good night sitting at the bar, drink in hand, admiring the environment. Many musicians like to enjoy other musicians practicing their own art. There is a level of appreciation that takes hold of someone who works hard to perfect their craft.

DJs are the common hero on the dance floors of Brick Street, The Wood’s and Skipper’s. The managers find it much easier to house a DJ than a full band; one man versus three to five. Like I said, he is the hero. Students find themselves going to a bar to listen to a variety of music, not just one genre or artist. That’s something a guitarist can severely lack. With technology advancing, anybody can be a DJ if given the right equipment, but what makes you unique is what gets you noticed. A DJ who can move a crowd and put on a show (in the visual sense) will always be a memorable musician. The performance is always the key factor when someone stands on stage. In Oxford, the DJs win the battle for the crowd. They provide an endless set list that pleases anyone who walks in. The musicians are on the rise, but they still remain underground, at least for now.