Victoria Posmantur, For The Miami Student

Frequenters of Uptown may have noticed some changes to the High Street landscape.

Alan Kyger, Oxford’s director of economic development, discussed upcoming additions to the community.

Since the Great Escape Princess 4 Theater, 10 N. Beech St., closed in early November, there has been much speculation as to the property’s fate.

“The owner of Alliance Entertainment Group, Anne Ragains, sold all 26 of her 27 movie theaters to Regal Cinema, except for the Princess Theater in Oxford,” Kyger said. “There have been several individuals interested in this site. As of now, I think she is taking a step back and evaluating the offers she’s gotten for the property. Many of them want to keep it a theater, while some would like to redevelop it.”

Many Teppanyaki lovers have been awaiting the grand opening of Fuji House Express, 5 W. High St., according to Kyger.

“The Fuji Express is getting closer to opening,” Kyger said. “I believe they’re in their final steps and have all their kitchen equipment. They’re just waiting for…. final approval from the city of occupancy.”

Oxford Self-Serve Yogurt shop, 26 W. High St., was transformed into La Comida Burritos on January 15 of this year and has recently and publically closed, according to Justin Elgie, owner of La Comida and Quiznos Sub, 32 W. High St.

“Right now we’re in the process of a lot of changes and negotiations,” Elgie said. “We’re trying to re-open as soon as possible and the new edition will have a very cool concept.”

Elgie said much is still in the works.

“We haven’t completely solidified all of the plans but we will hopefully be opening in June or July,” Elgie said. “We do know that La Comida will be a delivery business.”

There are tentative plans to bring a new development to the 5 N. Beech St. property, according to Kyger, though not until August.

“When places change around here, it’s typically during the summer.,” Kyger said.

Miami University sophomore Brittany Lansky said she is excited for the new Uptown developments.

“As a rising junior I’m looking forward to spending the next two years living uptown,” Lansky said. “I’m really excited that I’ll be so close to all of the action and that any new openings will keep my housemates and I busy and allow us to try something new.”