Ron Albritton, For The Miami Student

Recently, numerous rumors have been circulating in the Oxford and Miami University communities about businesses uptown. These rumors are about the closing of Stadium Sports Bar and Grille, a well-known nightclub, and Maid-Rite, a sandwich and shake shop.

Rumors regarding Stadium’s closure are false. According to Alan Kyger, Oxford’s economic development director, the rumor could have stemmed from the recent for rent status associated with Stadium’s address.

“It’s not Stadium that is for rent,” Kyger said. “It is actually the property connected to Stadium with the same address that is for rent.”

However, the rumors regarding Maid-Rite are true. Tuesday, Nov. 9, the restaurant closed. The restaurant opened in February, giving it a nine-month life span uptown.

“It sucks that it’s closing, it was a good place to work,” said senior Katie Mey, a former Maid-Rite employee. “The managers are good people and I will miss working there.”

Maid-Rite’s closing was very abrupt and not many people knew about it.

“A co-worker told me that this was our last week and then went and checked the schedule for me, I never saw it,” Mey said.

No one is really sure why the restaurant closed. Employees speculate that business wasn’t good enough for the restaurant to renew its one-year lease and managers were not available for comment.

Many students are on the fence about the closing of Maid-Rite.

“It’s a bummer that they are closing,” junior Sarah Josyln said. “It’s one of the few dining places that were open late enough on weekends for students. Personally, I have never eaten there, but many of my friends rely on it for food because it was cheap and available many hours of the day.”

While some students mourn the closure of another uptown restaurant, some are excited about the possibilities for the space now that Maid-Rite is gone.

“I’m not upset about Maid-Rite closing because the burgers were sub par, the atmosphere was undesirable and overall the establishment was Maid-Wrong,” sophomore Abby Moskalik said.

Students are antsy to find out what will go in next.

While nothing can be sure, Kyger said he has spoken to the property managers and they have spoken with several people who are interested in the location.