Bethany Bruner, Community Editor

The Tri Delta Sundial is gone, and the Delta Zeta turtles are not looking out at Spring Street or MacCracken Hall. Central Quad Project Manager Bob Riggs said there is no timetable for the sundial to return to its original spot.

The sundial has not been in its traditional spot between MacMillan and Warfield halls since May 2010.

The removal of the sundial coincides with a two-phase construction project being completed beneath the sidewalk leading up to the pedestal.

While the construction was being done, Riggs said the initial plan was to leave the sundial intact. However, the sundial was removed in early May.

Riggs said the removal was due to damage to the sundial.

Miami University Police Department (MUPD) Lt. Ben Spilman said Miami junior Bradley Hoffman was arrested for damaging the sundial in May.

“He had caused the damage by climbing inside the sundial and that caused it to topple,” Spilman said.

MUPD records indicate the incident occurred May 6 and the matter was closed. Spilman said the case is listed as cleared by arrest because an arrest was made in the case, a standard procedure for MUPD.

The case has been turned over to Area One Court. According to the court, Hoffman has been charged with underage possession of alcohol and the case has been continued for pre-trial until Nov. 2.

According to Spilman, this is not the first time the sundial has been damaged by students.

Senior Director of Utilities and Building Maintenance Cody Powell said the university is still working on the sundial situation.

Powell said the sundial is currently in storage, but no repairs have been done yet.

“The outcome of the court case has not happened yet,” Powell said. “I wish I knew when that was going to happen so we could know what the timeline for repairs is.”

The timeline for replacement of the sundial after the resolution of the court case will likely be several months, Powell said.

“We’ve been in contact with a local artisan about the time needed to do repairs,” Powell said. “Once we get word that we can proceed with repairs, we will start.”

Riggs said the purpose of the construction project is to perform upgrades on the steam tunnel top under the sidewalk. As a preliminary phase of the project, Riggs said the slate, handrails and base around the sundial were all improved. This phase was completed Aug. 19.

The second phase of the project had an original completion date of Oct. 14, but that date was moved back to Oct. 29. The project is now complete.

Riggs said the project brought some unforeseen but not unusual problems in the steam tunnel top that was being replaced.