Allison McGillivray, Campus Editor

The Board of Trustees will meet Friday Feb. 8 to discuss the Miami University budget, faculty tenure and nearly $99 million in contracts for the construction efforts on Miami’s campus.

The Board will be asked to approve the $99 million for construction contracts for sidewalks, landscaping, roof replacements, electrical system upgrades and heating, ventilation and air conditioning, according to Claire Wagner director of University News and Communication.

Director of Finance David Creamer said due to the size of the projects, approval from the Board of Trustees is required for the university to begin work.

“Each of these are reasonably large so they need to go through not only the planning process here inside the university but before we actually proceed toward contracts for those projects,” Creamer said.

The contracts were unanimously endorsed by Board committees on Thursday and will be presented to the full board on Friday.

The Trustees will also be asked to approve the promotion and tenure of eligible faculty as well as approve promotions and continuing the contracts of eligible librarians, according to Wagner.

Wagner also said the Trustees will review how the university budget projections match the actual budget to date.