Natalie McKerjee

The second annual Sexual Health Report Card was released by Trojan Brand condoms Sept. 10, revealing the rankings of sexual health resources at a 139 American colleges and universities. Miami University placed near the center of the pack-at 55.

The survey was conducted in association with Trojan brand condom’s “Evolve” campaign, which is an effort that is focused on improving sexual health-particularly behavior and respect between partners.

The rankings were determined on a GPA system that considered a variety of different categories including sexual health and awareness programs, student health center hours of operations, HIV testing and sexual assault programs.

Researchers obtained information from both student health centers and the corresponding Web sites and converted this information into a GPA format. Each of these categories were given a score of one to 10 and then assigned a corresponding letter grade. Students were polled and asked questions regarding their opinions towards their school’s health services and awareness.

Miami was ranked 55 out of the 139, and received a 3.00 GPA. Miami was considered for this survey for its size and public familiarity, along with all the schools chosen to participate. According to the report, this year had significantly more participants, with at least one school for each state represented.

Sperling’s BestPlaces, a company that focuses on distributing facts to the public, conducted the study. Sperling’s BestPlaces and Trojan chose to conduct this survey to provide insight regarding college students’ access to information and resources that could prevent serious complications from being sexually unhealthy.

“Trojan has been invested for a long time,” said Melle Hock, public relations for the agency that represents Trojan. “… (We wanted to show) sexual health in a public forum and to have students speak out about what they need.”

The report also stated that the cost of this survey was minimal, as all of the schools agreed to participate and answered questions via telephone or the Internet.

Tammy Gustin, director of clinical services for Student Health Services, said she is pleased with Miami being at least 55 in the ranking.

“Well, we are in the top third, which is good,” Gustin said.

Gustin explained a few of the services that Miami currently offers.

“We offer free, anonymous HIV testing, which is a good program that we plan on keeping, and condoms are available at all times in the Health Services Center,” Gustin said.

Miami first-year, Elizabeth Smiley, thinks Miami could do even better on the rankings.

“We could do better, but it is reassuring that we are not at the bottom of the list,” Smiley said.