Cathy McVey, IT Services


On Sunday, September 12, IT Services will remove the filters on MU-WIRELESS that have been bypassing the Cisco Clean Access system. Once these filters are removed, students in the residence halls will need to authenticate when they log in via wired or wireless connections. This work is not anticipated to cause any network disruptions.

While malfunctions of the CCA system caused the problems with wireless service early this semester, Cisco and IT Services are confident that the problems have been identified and have been fixed. CCA is an important component of Miami¹s defense against network attacks. Along with routers, firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention devices, and virus protection, CCA helps keep your identity safer while you are on the network.

IT Services is currently discussing the future for CCA at Miami. As part of that effort, we have been gathering information about what products other schools are using and what their students are experiencing.  We will also be talking with Cisco to understand their plans for CCA.

If you have any questions about CCA or the network, please contact the IT Services Support Desk at