Randy Hollowell, IT Services

Information technology has become a very large part of our daily life, and that is extremely evident at a place like Miami.  We experience it in the classroom and at home, in fact, virtually everywhere.  So, it is probably a good idea for all of us to become better informed about the main technology provider at Miami, Information Technology Services (UIT).

Listed below you will find an overview of some of the places where you can find more information about UIT at Miami.

The IT Services web site (www.muohio.edu/uit)

Here you will find a wealth of information about the organization.  The front page includes updated news articles about technology happenings on campus, a list of the most commonly accessed pages, and a list of alerts and notifications.  The main menu structure is based on the services provided, and can be found on the red bar near the top of the page.  On the bottom of the page there are additional links to things like About IT (includes an org chart, a description of each unit, and a list of common acronyms).

IT Help (http://ithelp.muohio.edu)

This online knowledge base provides 24×7 technology support for the entire Miami community.  It includes lots of how-to information on using technology at Miami, an online help request form and an online chat option that can also initiate remote desktop support.

Facebook (www.facebook.com/miamiuit)

Here is one of several social media outlets used by UIT at Miami.  You will find  updates to on-campus technology events and outages, as well as links to interesting articles about technology in the world around us.  Feel free to stop by and “Like” our page.