Randy Hollowell, IT Services

Beginning on December 31, IT Services at Miami will begin transitioning students and lifetime email users to a new Google domain for their email and calendar.  This change is due to the University’s decision to change its domain name from muohio.edu to MiamiOH.edu.

The migration of student accounts will take several days, but once a student has been moved, they will send email using the new domain, but will still be able to receive mail from either their uniqueid@muohio.edu’ email address or their uniqueid@MiamiOH.edu’ email address.  Email to uniqueid@muohio.edu will continue to be received until at least June 2014.

As part of the migration, IT Services will be able to move data for all of the core Google apps to the new domain.  This includes:

· Gmail

· Calendar

· Contacts

· Drive/Docs

· Groups

· Sites

Data that is part of the non-core Google Apps will need to be moved by the individual after the migration.  These apps include:

· Picasa web albums

· YouTube

· Google Blogs

· Google Analytics

Instructions for how students can move their data, and additional information about the migration will be available soon via the migration website at www.MiamiOH.edu/GoGoogle.