Randy Hollowell, IT Services

Miami’s Information Technology Services is partnering with Cintas Corporation, the leader in secure document management services, to host ShredFest on Wednesday, October 12, on the south side of Cook Field from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. This free event will provide Miami faculty, staff and students with a safe and secure resource to shred their confidential personal and business documents. This event is part of national Information Security Awareness Week.

“Identity theft is a growing threat for individuals and businesses across the nation,” explained Karen Carnahan, president and COO of Cintas document management division. “This event will bring awareness of proper document management to the community and provide them with a secure method to safely dispose information. More importantly, it will provide individuals with the peace of mind that their sensitive information will not end up in the wrong hands.”

“Faculty and staff at Miami are diligent about retaining records, but at times forget the disposition element,” explained Joe Bazeley, Miami’s Information Security Officer.  “Namely, that many types of records should be destroyed after their retention period expires, once they have been examined to confirm that they are not of archival interest and not still needed for the business of the university.”

During the event, anyone can bring their documents in and have them shredded by an on-site, certified Cintas employee. From drop-off to destruction, all documents will be constantly monitored and protected.

The university has very clear policies regarding records retention. For information about Miami’s policy, and to print out a Request for Records Disposal form, please visit www.muohio.edu/secretary/records-retention.html.

Please visit www.muohio.edu/secureitfor a complete list and schedule for Information Security Awareness Week activities.