Allison McGillivray, IT Services

Just bought a tablet and want to learn how to use it? There is a course for that. Switching from Windows to Mac and finding the new interface confusing? There is a course for that. Need to learn Photoshop for a class you are taking in the fall? There is a course for that. is an online training tool, which contains thousands of video tutorials about almost anything having to do with using technology. Students, faculty, and staff can use for free at anytime from anywhere. is one of the many services provided by IT Services. makes it easy to learn new software for a class, build a mobile app, edit pictures for your Facebook profile, and create a family vacation video. even provides tutorials on how to operate an iPad or switch from Windows machine to a Mac.

Here’s what you need to do:

· Go to sign in with your Unique ID and password. (If you are logged on to myMiami you don’t have to log in again.)

· Choose a subject or type of software you want to learn about from the top navigation bar, or type a topic into the search bar such as “switching from Windows to Mac.”

· Choose the course you want from the list and dive right in.

· tutorials function on your time so you can stop and come back to a topic at any time and never miss anything.

Accidental damage insurance for Miami Notebook Apple laptops

Did you know that Applecare warranties do not cover accidental damage? That means if you accidently drop your laptop the cost to repair or replace it comes out-of-pocket and can be expensive. For example, it can cost $1260 dollars to repair the 15″ Macbook Pro.

The Miami University Bookstore now offers accidental damage and/or theft insurance coverage through Safeware for Miami Notebook Apple laptops. Safeware covered products are serviceable at the IT Service Center and the insurance will not end when the student graduates from Miami.

For more information about Safeware please visit, or contact the Miami University Bookstore at 513-529-2634.