Lindsay Crist, For The Miami Student

Miami University students may be seeing Talawanda High School (THS) prom-goers on campus Saturday, May 4.

The Shriver Center’s multipurpose room will house Talawanda’s prom 8:30 p.m. that evening, with after-prom taking place at the Recreational Sports Center (REC) beginning at midnight, according to Danielle Mann, head of the THS prom committee.

This will be the first year Talawanda’s after-prom will take place on Miami’s campus, according to Carolyn DeWitt, a member of the THS after-prom committee.

“We have always talked about doing it at the Rec Center, but it was a never a possibility,” DeWitt said. “This year, we moved the prom up a couple of weeks [and were able] to have after-prom at the REC.”

Talawanda has rented out the entire REC, except for the fitness center, according to Jim Wachenheim, director of special events at the REC. However, this will not prohibit Miami students from having access to the facilities, Wachenheim said.

“We will maintain normal hours and close at 11 p.m.,” Wachenheim said. “It will be an exclusive rental during our closed hours.”

The REC offers the after-prom committee a great variety of activities to students attending after-prom, according to DeWitt. These include many of the features normally brought out on the REC’s “Family Fun Days:” a logroll water game, kayaking, swimming in the leisure pool, use of the climbing wall and water basketball. The committee also plans to host “You’re Fired” pottery painting, nail artists, basketball, volleyball and soccer in the gymnasium, a caricature artist, a photo booth and more, Dewitt said.

“We chose the REC Center for our after-prom because it sounds like so much more fun than anything we have done in the recent past,” Dewitt said.

Talawanda is not the only high school to have selected Miami’s campus for prom or after-prom activities, according to Wachenheim.

“We are also having Union County for after-prom the weekend of April 26,” Wachenheim said.

Sophomore Lynsey Kovach said having a high school prom on a college campus sounds like a good way to bring the two communities together, and said she does not think Miami students would mind having the students on campus.

“It could help high school kids to see a future here at Miami,” Kovach said. “I didn’t have an after-prom at my school but if I had the chance to, I would definitely be into it. And what’s not to love about the Miami REC Center?”

Talawanda’s prom theme this year is “Suit and Tie” and the after-prom’s theme is “Night at the REC,” according to Mann and Dewitt.

“We are not putting an emphasis on decorating this year because we think the REC Center has enough of a wow-factor,” Dewitt said.