Editorial Editors, The Miami Student

Last football season, RedHawk games averaged fewer than 12,000 fans per home game, and this season, football attendance was approximately 14,500 people. Many students, alumni and their friends and family do not attend Miami football games.

The editorial board of The Miami Student encourages the Campus Activities Council (CAC) to use its extensive power to encourage support for Miami football. CAC must promote Miami pride by creating themed games.

With only five home games this season, the CAC could increase football game attendance popularity. The potential future success of these themed game days is evident in the white out, a CAC-sponsored event.

CAC needs to encourage all students, but especially fraternities and sororities, to attend a game, which would count as a non-alcoholic event. A tradition of Miami football game attendance must be started to spread school spirit. An easy way of starting this tradition is to encourage first-year students and their resident assistants to attend football games.

In a Feb. 6 editorial, the board recommended athletics, the students and the community work together to promote Miami team spirit. Many schools incorporate community athletic support by encouraging local businesses to run food, drink and service deals and discounts during the football game or with proof of a game ticket.

Before and after the game, the CAC could have a strong presence before Tailgate Town and sponsor more events. With support from local businesses, CAC could sponsor many activities to support game attendance from all ages of Miami fans, from raffles to games and activities for children.

A strong student presence is needed at all football games, especially the home games.