Rebecca Baudry, Office of Student Wellness Programs Staff,

We support the points made in the recent editorial “Underage drinking must be stopped before it starts.” Underage drinking, and especially high-risk drinking, is a problem at many colleges, and Miami is not an exception.

Over the past 10 years we developed a Strategic Plan to Address High-Risk Drinking based upon what research indicates is effective. Examples include increased enforcement by the Oxford Police Department, comprehensive alcohol education programs for students about legal, low-risk choices and implementation of new campus policies. We encourage and support legal, low-risk choices about alcohol.

The only way student culture will change is for students to change it. This article is a first step for students to acknowledge the issue of alcohol abuse and misuse and identify how they want to “reinvent red.” Let’s start by envisioning a safe, well student body and a campus culture that embraces legal, low-risk alcohol choices.