Katie M. Taylor, Campus Editor

A listserv created by ASG made up of all undergraduate, off-campus students, serves a variety of purposes including informing individuals of severe winter weather protocol.

To keep Miami University running smoothly, according to Chief John McCandless of the MUPD, it’s vital for Oxford to keep roads plowed.

In turn, Oxford prohibits parking on specified streets in the event that snow accumulation surpasses three inches, so that plows can successfully clear the roadways.

According to ASG’s Secretary for Off-Campus Affairs senior Ari Frum, many students are unaware of this policy, so the listserv is one way to inform them to move their vehicles.

In addition to the listerv, which is already being utilized, Frum suggested students sign up to use Nixle, a program that sends information from the local police department directly to students’ phones.

McCandless said along with messages sent out by the MUPD, he does his part to ensure roads are drivable after severe winter weather.

“Our officers are always out there 24/7,” McCandless said. “A lot of the time I’ll be up at odd hours and try to drive in on roads that students and faculty and staff might have to drive in on, and then I share that information with Dr. Creamer.”

David Creamer, vice president for finance and business services plays a role as well.

“I usually make a recommendation [of whether to cancel or delay classes] to the President based upon both the condition of the campus walks, the roadways in the region and what the weather forecast is,” Creamer said.

It’s a case by case process Creamer said.

“Our goal is to be able to operate each day, but there are times when conditions make that difficult or impossible,” Creamer said.