Tom Segell, Senior Staff Writer

This year’s graduating class has endless opportunities and offers across the nation and worldwide, yet many of the graduates have decided Ohio is the place to pursue their initial career objectives.

Nicole Oeder, a supply chain and operations management major from Lebanon, Ohio, has accepted a salary position with Kao Brands — a cosmetic company that sells beauty products for women — working as a costumer logistics analyst.

Oeder is eagerly anticipating her new position, and hopes to attend graduate school in the impending future.

“It’s the next step of your life,” Oeder said. “Eventually I want to go to grad school, but I need work experience.”

Oeder said she applied to positions out of Ohio, but Kao Brands just “fell into place.”

Other graduating seniors, like accounting major Kevin Milligan, are cherishing their last weeks as a Miami undergraduate before they venture out into the real world.

“I’m not ready to go into the real world,” Milligan said. “I love college.”

Milligan will be starting a position for the Auditor of State’s office as an accountant, and said he preferred to be employed in Ohio.

“I’m staying in Ohio because I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else,” Milligan said. “I looked at a few other places, but they were more reaches than realistic.”

Sarah Jones, a mathematics education major, is looking to impart knowledge and education on others after receiving the same from Miami.

“I’m nervous and excited,” Jones said. “I have a job about twenty minutes from Miami, so it will be a transitional year. I’m trying to get my feet wet in Ohio now before looking at other opportunities. It’s nice to know what I’m doing.”

Jones will be teaching math at Union High School.