Gabriel Grollmus, For The Miami Student

Three previously vacant spots have been filled on the Student Community Relations Commission (SCRC) for the City of Oxford.

“The three vacancies were filled by citizens of Oxford,” City Council Representative Bob Blackburn said. “One is a past administrator for a hospital, one is a former engineer and one represents property owners for the City of Oxford. With a variety of backgrounds, everyone brings something different to the commission.”

According to The History of the Student Community Relations Commission, a document provided by Bobbe Burke, the coordinator of off-campus affairs, the goal of the commission is to relieve tension between students and Oxford residents, allowing them to live together peacefully.

The many responsibilities of the SCRC include the enforcement of laws and monitoring of trash, noise, safety and parking. The history of the SCRC said the monitoring of trash includes observing events such as parties that occur on campus and what is left after those parties.

“We’ve looked at beer pong parties and what kind of residue is left in yards after beer pong,” Burke said.

Problems stem from differing attitudes of what responsible behavior means, according to the history document. The document says students don’t understand the value that Oxford residents place on safety, privacy, peace and quiet.

Differing opinions have been known to previously cause tension.

“There was so much tension between students and non-students, they needed a task force to relieve that tension,” Burke said. “The main thing I think the committee does is it looks for issues between students and non-students and finds ways to solve these issues.”

Students see the value in the SCRC’s mission.

“I think having such a committee is a great thing,” junior Andy Farquis said. “It’s important that as students we respect the local community. They were here first, we’re just visiting. It’s important to fill any vacancies quickly to keep peace in the community.”

According to Blackburn, the vacancies on the committee could have occurred for a number of different reasons.

“The reason for some vacancies is that people just come and go,” Blackburn said. “Someone may move away or may have other reasons for leaving that could create vacancies in the committee, but many can fill vacant spots. Townspeople, people at large in the community, representatives from Talawanda or Miami University and others can fill any vacancies.”

According to Burke, the SCRC keeps students involved.

“This is, I believe, the only commission that is really geared to the students,” Burke said. “The commission is really about students and community interaction.”

The SCRC generally meets no less than once a month during the academic year. The next meeting for the SCRC will be Dec. 3 at Lane Public Library.