Due to intoxicated students repeatedly causing problems on buses and drivers reporting disorderly conduct, Miami Metro drivers are now asking for Miami University student identification when students get on the Miami Metro Blue Route.

The problems became more noticeable in fall 2009 and when there was no improvement this semester, parking and transportation services approached the Miami University Police Department about monitoring the bus during its late night routes.

The editorial board of The Miami Student hopes the addition of these policies improves the situation on the Metro system. The bus is supposed to provide a safe way home for students and everyone should feel safe while riding the bus. Students need to respect the bus and remember it is a privilege of being a Miami student that should not be abused.

Bus drivers should not have to worry about cleaning up vomit on their buses after their shift or being harassed by intoxicated students returning from the bars. By placing police officers on the bus it can provide extra assistance to the bus drivers and allow them to focus on their main job: getting students home safely. Bus drivers are not cleaning crews and should be treated with respect.

Students who are working uptown or studying late at the library should feel comfortable taking the bus home and not worry about a drunk student getting sick on them.

This board hopes officers don’t take the new policy too far and use their presence on the bus to cite students that aren’t being disruptive for underage intoxication.

The new policy could discourage some students who have been drinking from taking the bus when it is the safest way for them to get home. The police shouldn’t be there to get people in trouble, but rather to deter the actions of students who have been disrespecting the buses and their drivers.

The board is optimistic this new policy will help students realize the consequences of their drinking and rude behavior, but hopes those who don’t will instead use the alternative safe ride options in Oxford. There are independent taxi services students could opt to use if they are not in an appropriate state to take the bus home.