Erin Fischesser

With a seemingly ever-changing political and economic situation, political candidates in 2010 will have to make strategic decisions about their respective campaigns. Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland is no exception.

Strickland announced his running mate Yvette McGee Brown at a press conference last week.

Brown will replace current Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher as he campaigns for a U.S. Senate seat.

According to Strickland’s campaign, Brown is the current and founding president of the Center for Child and Family Advocacy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, a former Franklin County Common Pleas Court judge and a life-long Ohioan.

Strickland’s Campaign Communications Director Lis Smith said these qualifications led to Brown’s appointment.

“Gov. Strickland asked Yvette to be his running mate because he knows she will be an advocate for Ohio’s working families,” Smith said. “Like the governor, Yvette came from modest means and benefitted from all the great opportunities Ohio had to offer.”

According to Smith, Brown’s personal history and growing up the daughter of a teenage mother has prepared her to work for Ohio’s residents.

“She knows how important it is for everyone in Ohio to have what they need to succeed,” Brown said. “She is a valuable asset around the state of Ohio as someone who has benefitted from all the opportunities it had to offer.”

In a video from Jan. 19 posted on the Strickland campaign’s Web site, Brown’s acceptance of the selection was focused upon Ohio’s future.

“We must invest in Ohio’s future so Ohio will always be a great place of opportunity for its people,” Brown said in the video.

Brown focused upon her past as an advocate for families as well as her personal history.

“I am proud to stand beside Ted Strickland today because though we were both brought up with modest means, we were both raised to pursue our dreams,” Brown said.

According to Smith, Brown will bring a new face to Strickland’s campaign.

“(She is) a breath of fresh air for the campaign,” Smith said. “(She’s) not a career politician, but someone who has dedicated her life to public service.”

Smith said Brown plans to continue to work with Strickland to accomplish similar goals he had begun working on with Fisher.

“Together Gov. Strickland and Yvette will continue the policies he has implemented,” Smith said.

According to Smith, these policies include emerging from the recession, investing in and reforming education, keeping taxes low and investing in growing industries.