Rebecca Kelley

Jackson’s Music Shop, located in College Corner, Ind., is the closest instrument store to Oxford for Miami University students, faculty and staff.

Jimmy Jackson wants to rock out with Miami University students. The owner of Jackson’s Music Shop, a newly opened music store in College Corner, Ind., is hosting an open jam session Sunday.

Jackson’s Music Shop is located in the old post office on Main Street in College Corner, and the store carries a variety of musical instruments, including guitars, banjos, mandolins and accessories.

While the store has a good amount of inventory, it is still a new establishment and do not have the selection of a giant music store, according to Jackson. But if a student wants something that is not in the store, Jackson said that is not a problem.

“I can pretty much special order anything you want,” he said.

And Jackson is not new to the local business scene. He has been the owner of an antique shop in College Corner for 32 years.

He still runs the antique shop, although he says his main focus now is the music store. According to Jackson, his antique shop is just not as busy as it used to be.

“It got to the point where it was too hit-and-miss,” Jackson said. “I needed to do something different.”

But Jackson said he didn’t just open the new store because he needed a change of pace, but also because he saw a need in the local community. He explained that neither Miami students nor the people of Oxford had a local place to buy instruments and supplies until he opened his shop.

The store is looking to expand its inventory to accommodate more types of instruments, so Jackson explained that the shop would buy and sell any instrument, even brass and woodwinds.

There are no specifications for the used instruments, although Jackson said that better conditions fetch better prices.

According to Ricardo Averbach, conductor of the Miami’s symphony orchestra, having a music store locally is important for the purchase of musical equipment.

“(Buying an instrument) is different than buying a book,” Averbach said. “It is important for the musician to try the instrument.”

The store not only sells instruments, but they also offer guitar lessons. According to Jackson, the store hopes to see more Miami students taking advantage of having a place to take guitar lessons.

“I’ve got a real good guy that’s been teaching for years,” Jackson said.

Like Jackson, Averbach understands the importance of music in students’ lives. Averbach encourages students of all majors to explore music during their years at Miami, and to not focus completely on their major.

“I personally have the conviction that contact with music on a higher level … enriches not only spiritually, but can also help the person become a better professional, no matter what major a person has,” Averbach said.

According to Jackson, the store is planning on running specials on their merchandise soon to build up customer support in Oxford.