IT Services, Miami University

Planning to take your laptop home over the holidays? Did you know that when you connect to most wireless networks the information you are browsing and sending from your Gmail account or Instant Messenger can be picked up by anyone who wants to steal your information? That means when you send your credit card number to order that sweater or IM your holiday travel plans you could be giving away information that could be used to steal your identity or break into your house.

There is a safe way to be online wirelessly from anywhere. It’s called VPN or Virtual Private Network. When you use VPN your data is encrypted and no one can tell which web pages you visit or what you type over IM. As a bonus, you get access to more Miami network services, like connecting to your M:drive. IT Services recommends that you use VPN every time you connect to the web off campus.

You can get the VPN software for free from Instructions on installing and using the VPN client are available in IT Help or by contacting the IT Services Support Desk at 513-529-7900 or