Editorial Editor, The Miami Student

The Strategic Priorities Task Force (SPT) has completed the final version of the report for Miami University’s financial future. The final version is not much different from the first draft that was written in August. President David Hodge is pleased with the final version, and will talk with campus leaders about the proposed changes before the Dec. 10 board of trustees meeting.

The editorial board of The Miami Student understands the complexity and stress that went into the creation of the final version of the SPT report, however, because not much was changed between the draft and the final version, the decision seemed rushed. The amount of dissent, especially in the letter presented at the Sept. 22 SPT public forum arguing for equal representation from all departments, deserves adequate consideration.

The board believes the SPT still needs to encourage students to be concerned about how the decisions made by the SPT will affect the future of Miami. Current students will be the future donors to a school that is in desperate need of money. The SPT could have done a lot more to reach out to students and must not stop now that the final report has been issued. The inclusion of the student body president was a step forward in the addition of a student voice, however, in a March 25 editorial, the board suggested, “one student representative from each school within Miami should be selected by professors and administration of the specific college. Each student would meet with professors and administration to formulate needs and opinions of both the college and the students he or she represents. After gathering the needs of the college, the student would discuss them with oth the other students in the intercollegiate task force of students and the student body president. The student body president would then relate these concerns to the Strategic Priorities Task Force.”

The board recommends the SPT continue to create conversation between students, faculty and staff. Just because the final draft of the recommendations is finished shouldn’t mean this extremely influential document cannot spark debate or create change. The SPT needs to continue to be open to criticism.