Qiao Song, For The Miami Student

Scoping potential sororities at Miami University just got easier. Instead of having 15 sprite dates to attend on different days, sororities will have multiple sprite dates in one hall in order to allow the girls to travel from suite to suite in the same night.

A sprite date is an informal event in which a prospective new member has the chance to meet members of a certain sorority. Each sorority’s sprite date is set up by its recruitment chair and the women can come into the suite and get to know the sisters. They are usually meet and greet types of events where the non-Greeks can talk to members of a sorority. Sprite dates are held so a prospective new member — usually first-years and sophomores — can learn more about a certain sorority before they go through formal recruitment before the start of spring semester.

“By consolidating all the sprite dates into just a few different days based on which hall they are located in, it allows girls to move through each one easily,” sophomore Sarah Title said.

Junior Drew McDonnell said it saved time for potential new members (PNMs).

“Many prospective new members did not want to have to get dressed up and ready and walk across campus 15 different times (in the past),” McDonnell said. “With the new grouping, it is easy for a girl to be able to talk to four or five sororities in one day, and they will only have to go through the process a few times.”

Every sprite date varies from chapter to chapter, but they usually have the same format. Each chapter usually hosts some sort of activity, such as tie dying, cupcake decorating or other themed activities to break the ice and start conversation between chapter members and PNMs.

“I think (sprite dates) ease the tension girls face before the big process,” McDonnell said. “Sprite dates are beneficial to sororities because it is an opportunity for a sorority to get their name out there and generate interest for new membership.”

As of Nov. 9, sprite dates were finalized and many sororities had already hosted theirs. The last group of sprite dates will be held Nov 17.