Kaila Frisone, For The Miami Student

Of the many business organizations on Miami University’s campus, yet another joined the spectrum this fall.

However, what makes Net Impact stand out is its focus on social responsibility and social consciousness.

President of External Affairs Katie Brown and President of Internal Affairs Alison Eicher began Net Impact so that students interested in working for socially responsible and conscious companies will have an opportunity to network.

Last week, Net Impact held a “Style with a Good Story” themed fashion show and a sale of the featured products.

The six companies highlighted in this event carry ethically produced items.

BeadforLife was one of the companies featured in the fashion show.

According to the organization’s website, www.beadforlife.org, their products are produced out of recycled paper by Ugandan women.

Net Impact raised nearly $200 from this event and the money went directly to the companies selling the products.

Given the weather conditions last week, Brown said they had a great turnout.

This was Brown’s first experience running a fashion show and she said she was very pleased with how the show ran.

All of the members, including the 16 new students to Net Impact, were able to get involved in some way.

“It was a really great way to include our new members because I think it was a very involved activity that they could participate in,” Brown said.

Net Impact is still looking to expand its membership and grow on campus. Students currently go through an interview process to be considered for membership.

Brown said Net Impact will be holding more events this year and they are currently planning a speaker event.

While the organization does not have a speaker yet, they are planning on choosing a speaker from a socially responsible company or organization that students will recognize.

Sophomore Kerry McGovern said is pleased to hear there is an organization like this on campus and said she will attend their events in the future.

“It’s probably a better cause than some of the other organizations on campus so I think it should get more traffic,” McGovern said.

Brown said anyone interested in applying for membership should contact Alison Eicher at eicheran@muohio.edu