Bethany Bruner, Community Editor

The sidewalk connecting College Suites to Miami University’s campus along U.S. Route 27 is only temporary, according to City Manager Doug Elliott.

Elliott said having a sidewalk is a permanent fixture, but the actual sidewalk in use now will be replaced.

The sidewalk is part of an agreement between the City of Oxford and the Talawanda School Board as part of the construction plans for the new high school, according to Elliott. Talawanda wants the sidewalk to be completed by the fall for students attending the newly constructed high school.

The developers of College Suites also had an agreement with Oxford to have a sidewalk put in place, according to Elliott.

Having a sidewalk will allow students to walk from College Suites to campus.

Elliott said the official concrete sidewalk will be put in place at the beginning of the Route 27 construction project, which will likely start in 2014. This project is funded through the Ohio Department of Transportation.