Ashley Laughlin, For The Miami Student

A new merchandise website,, allows RedHawk fans to locate retailers who sell officially licensed merchandise.

The university has undergone many changes recently, especially in the branding realm. From the new block “M,” to phasing out the Miami Lantern, the website is another tool to promote the Miami brand in the commercial landscape.

Samantha Stevens, manager of university trademarks and licensing, developed the site and design alongside the web team in communications and marketing for the university. She is also responsible for handling updates and making sure the retail lists are accurate.

“My area is focused on growing licensing revenue to support the university’s scholarship fund, and promoting the university’s commercial image and reputation,” Stevens said., launched Aug. 15, is a site that enables people to type in their address and locate a store that sells official Miami merchandise near them. The website also lists external websites that sell Miami products. The site does not allow for direct purchasing.

“The constant complaint we hear is, ‘We can never find Miami stuff!'” Stevens said. “We wanted to make it easier for people to find Miami products. They exist, and we are working diligently with retailers to expand Miami products in more retail locations throughout the region.”

Senior Courtney Wilke said she thinks the website will be beneficial to students and alumni, but also recognized its drawbacks.

“I think the overall concept is great, but for people who don’t live near a Miami retailer, or who prefer to shop online, it doesn’t provide a solution for them,” Wilke said.

For more information on what licensing means to the university, visit