Melissa Tacchi, Senior Staff Writer

After conducting an informal immigration poll, Fox News announced the top 10 toughest immigration sheriffs in the nation, a list that includes Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones.

Jones was ranked seventh in the poll and was the only sheriff representing Ohio.

According to Jones, compiled the list of finalists through immigration experts, think tanks and law enforcement organizations.

Jones was made aware of the list through his son, who is in the military and currently living in Germany.

“My son must have found the list while searching the Internet,” Jones said. “It’s kind of humorous and interesting that the news came all the way from Germany.”

Although Jones discussed his latest plan to sue the Mexican government with Fox News reporters in the past, he was unaware of intentions to conduct a poll, he said.

“To be ranked in something I care so much about is very exciting,” Jones said. “There are 3,083 sheriffs across the country, so I am elated about the recognition.”

According to Jones, the mid-term elections were proof that people care not only about the economy, but immigration issues as well. He said the Fox News ranking will generate support for the lawsuit against Mexico, which he plans to discuss with the National Sheriffs Immigration Committee in January.

“I think that the informal polls will help immensely,” Jones said. “It will continue to put the word out there so hopefully someone may come forward with the resources to fund the lawsuit.”

For Miami University senior Caleb Picou, Jones’ ranking came as no surprise.

“Anyone who follows Jones knows that he is very outspoken about illegal immigration,” Picou said. “I guess if you make enough noise, you are bound to make someone listen, but I still don’t think it will help him successfully sue the Mexican government.”

Jones is preparing to discuss his ideas with Fox News finalist and fellow sheriff Larry Dever from Cochise County, Ariz. Dever was one of five sheriffs from Arizona to be included in the list and holds the position of chairman of the National Sheriffs Immigration Committee.

“There have been times when Dever and I have dealt with issues involving immigration together,” Jones said. “It was no surprise to me that I was ranked seventh and he was ranked eighth in the polls.”

The informal polls gave Jones confirmation that the issue of illegal immigration is not being taken lightly.

“Getting recognition for my efforts means a lot to me,” Jones said. “Sometimes I feel I am not being heard, so it’s nice to know now that I am.”