Last year, 15 arrests and 25 citations were issued on Green Beer Day. Utilize your own judgment and these safety tips in to avoid becoming part of this year’s statistic.

1. Take care of your body

-Drink plenty of water throughout the course of the day.

-Have a good breakfast (green eggs are packed with protein and will hold you over until lunch).

2. About class…

-Be conscious of your teacher’s stance on GBD and the attendance policy.

-Don’t go to class intoxicated, but it’s perfectly okay to wear green.

3. Stay on the ground

-OPD and landlords will be looking out for people on roofs and other elevated surfaces.

-Keep in mind, the higher you go the harder you fall…

4. Buddy systems works

-Especially if you have friends coming in from other schools , make sure they are not left wandering Oxford alone.

-Look out for each other’s safety and have a plan before you go anywhere.

5. Beware of Uptown

-Drinking at the bars when you are underage isn’t a good idea, especially on GBD.

-In fact, you might as well just avoid Uptown all together unless you are 21 on Thursday.

6. Napping is allowed

-Get lots of sleep the night before and during the day.

-Between noon and 2 p.m. are good times to take a break.

7. Never drink and drive

-Even if you’ve only had a couple of beers, being behind the wheel of a car is not okay.

-Make sure friends also avoid driving and if necessary, walk them home.

We hope you have fun but please stay safe and remember that you do not have to drink to have a good time!