Catherine Couretas, Editor in chief

Living in crowded, action-packed residence halls for two years can be an awesome experience, but the limits on what you can actually do are pretty restrictive. You must use a provided refrigerator and air conditioner, your microwave must not exceed a certain wattage and don’t even think about lighting candles unless you want the fire department to show up.

Your room starts to develop it’s own unique smell. Not a bad one necessarily, but not one you want around. That’s where Scentsy comes in.

Scentsy products are wickless alternatives to the traditional candle. They keep any and every area of your life smelling great. Prices for products are fairly reasonable — a 2.7 ounce room spray sells for $8 and full-size warmers sell for $30 in a variety of colors and designs. You can also combine products, buying a warmer with a variety of Scentsy bars for anywhere from $40 to $105 depending on the number of bars.

In addition, there are so many scents to choose from you’re bound to find something you like, though they’re all seriously good. I took these products home and was able to use them around my off-campus house for more than a week and they’ve been amazing. I wish I could say I’ve picked a favorite fragrance so I could recommend something, but I really couldn’t narrow it down.

I really wish, though, I would have known about these during my first two years at Miami University because I would have been able to use them in my residence hall. They’re not your average Glade PlugIn (though they do have plug-in options). They keep your room smelling great without everyone seeing an eyesore of an air freshener hanging from your non-existent desk lamp or plugged into the electric outlets you wish you had.

I would highly recommend these to anyone who wants their space smelling better without having to worry about a fire hazard. Some off-campus houses have super sensitive smoke detectors and the last thing you need is the fire department showing up at 2 a.m. because you wanted to keep your house smelling good.

For more information, contact local Scentsy consultant Jamie Bird at or learn more information at If you contact Bird directly, you can receive free shipping, an offer not available on the website.