Amelia Carpenter, Online Staff

The Oxford Police Department (OPD) reported four off-campus assaults in a period of 24 hours.

One Miami University student was the victim of a felonious assault 2 a.m. Saturday at 125 E. Walnut Street. The victim’s knee and hip are dislocated from the assault, police reports said. The victim told police that two males were yelling and taunting him and a female from across the street. Witnesses told police the males were provoking a fight. The two males were assaulting the male victim when a third attacker joined in, police reports said. The female tried to stop the three males who fled the scene by car when calling 9-1-1 was mentioned, police reports said. Police say there is at least one suspect.

Twenty-one-year-old Miami senior Michael K. Edwards was charged with the second assault for punching another male in the face at 2:30 a.m. Saturday.

Police were notified of a third assault around 2:30 a.m. Sunday at Brick Street Bar and Grill. The male victim was walking towards the bar from the dance floor when several black males started attacking him and pulled him back onto the dance floor. The victim had red marks and knots on his back and neck from being punched and kicked before he got away, found his friends and left the bar, police reports said. The victim declined medical care, police reports said.

In another incident, three males attacked a male Miami student walking home around 4:30 a.m. Sunday. The three walked out of the “Champagne High” house located on E. Church St. The victim ran to the front door of Sigma Phi Epsilon where he knew there were cameras, police reports said. The victim told the three males they were on camera, and they began to attack him, pulling off his shirt, police reports said. The victim told police he was in the fetal position while the three males were punching and kicking him before another male broke up the fight. Police say as the three males walked away, one stopped, pulled down his pants and wiped his butt with the victim’s shirt before twirling it above his head in big, circular motions. The victim recognized the males as members of a fraternity and did not know them by name, police reports said.