NoÃlle Bernard, Senior Staff Writer

Miami University’s Department of Psychology will soon offer more resources to students interested in the field.

The department will launch The Center for Psychological Inquiry in the spring semester to show students what psychology does, Center Director Amanda Diekman said.

She said the intention of the center is to provide a place that supports faculty and graduate interactions with undergraduate students.

“The center is for the department as a whole,” Diekman said. “It will support faculty and their efficiency to engage students. We want to foster relations between graduates and undergraduates to help them learn about graduate school and their studies.”

Senior Jessica Reigrut is excited about the new center and its intent to utilize the strengths of graduate students.

“As a psychology major myself, I know that it’s difficult to pinpoint which career path is the best to follow,” Reigrut said. “One of the best things they can do is ask for advice from graduate students. They would be a very valuable resource in helping students plan their futures, especially when it comes to life after Miami.”

Diekman said the center will link classroom psychology curriculum and provide a place for students to do research, receive tutoring and engage with faculty in the department.

“We want to help be an avenue for undergraduates to make connections across courses,” Diekman said. “Ideally we will have a space where people can come in for drop-in advising, tutoring and workshops.”

According to senior Matt Penta, the center could be beneficial for psychology students who need a place to communicate and learn from professionals in the field.

“We have some people like Evan Bristow, my Psychology 294 teacher, who’s a graduate student and he told us what it’s really like as a psychology major and what you need to prepare for,” Penta said. “I don’t necessarily think that every single student gets that kind of advice from their teachers.”

The center is still in the preliminary stages of development, according to Diekman. She said the department is still looking for a suitable space on the first floor of the Psychology Building.

The Center for Psychological Inquiry is set to open early in the spring semester.