Editorial Editors, The Miami Student

With a record number of first-year applications and a participant increase of 33 percent in Make it Miami!, Miami University has stepped up its game in attracting more students. A key feature of Make it Miami! is the presence of professors, students and alumni who give advice and emphasize face-to-face contact with new students.

The editorial board of The Miami Student recognizes the value and importance of connecting and welcoming incoming students with the resources of Miami University. The board believes dedication from both professors and past and present students will allow students and their families to see the value of a Miami education. Although the board understands the time commitment from member of the Miami community donating their time to new students, the board suggests that the representation of a wide variety of departments is very important in informing and attracting students to schools and departments.

The board recognizes the value of student involvement in the process of recruiting students. Current Miami students are able to offer invaluable advice about many facets of student life, and are very relatable to students that are only a few years younger.

The board supports the choice of holding Make it Miami! every Monday and Friday after spring break. These days make it easier for families, especially from out-of-state, to visit the campus. The board believes that this choice may encourage more out-of-state students and their families to visit, apply, and attend Miami.

The board stresses communication between all members of the Miami community and accepted students, whether these people are professors, alumni, current students or Oxford residents. The board believes that this will give potential students a solid definition of a Miami experience, and will help students and their families understand what sets Miami apart from other schools.