Lisa Reymann, Community Editor

Speaker of the House John Boehner will be challenged in Ohio’s Republican primary for the 8th Congressional District in March.

His opponent, David Lewis, is a pro-life and Tea Party activist who last year decided to involve himself in political activity full time in the Cincinnati and Washington, D.C. areas. Lewis said he’s using his pro-life beliefs as the main platform for his campaign, and has been endorsing graphic depictions of abortion in TV commercials.

“The reason I’m running against the Speaker of the House is because Boehner has called himself pro-life over the 22 years that he’s been in the house, and he’s done little to nothing to enact pro-life legislation,” Lewis said.

Lewis said last April, Boehner voted in favor of a budget that promotes Planned Parenthood. At that point, Lewis decided enough was enough.

“If you’re going to call yourself pro-life, you need to put your money where your mouth is,” Lewis said.

Chairman of the Butler County Republican Party David Kern had his own opinions on Lewis’ accusations against Boehner.

“When it was announced that Lewis didn’t think Boehner was pro-life enough, I thought that was preposterous,” Kern said. “John Boehner has been commended and awarded many times by local and national right-to-life organizations.”

Kern, who said he is pro-life, did praise Lewis for his TV ads in order to educate the public about abortion.

Miami junior Sami Doupnik is not as sure about Lewis’ tactics for election.

“I believe there are other ways to take a campaign than showing a graphic commercial on public TV,” Doupnik said. “I certainly don’t want to see that while I’m watching a show, and I’d feel uneasy knowing that young kids could see that as well.”

Described by the candidate himself as a “David and Goliath’s task,” the real goal Lewis said he has by running against the sitting Speaker of the House is to get his message out to other pro-life supporters and tea partiers.

“As good American citizens, the people of this district should be interested in whoever their congressman is,” Kern said. “We currently have a very capable and successful congressman in Boehner who was awarded in December 2010 by being elected Speaker of the House of Representatives.”

Lewis said while Boehner has resources and experience in politics, what he lacks is principle.

“Winning is a long shot,” Lewis said. “But I want to emphasize to Mr. Boehner that if he calls himself pro-life, he’s gotta vote pro-life. If a bill comes across his desk, he’s got to enact it. I want to expose him for his treachery.”

John Boehner’s press secretary was unavailable for comment.