Caroline Bevan, For The Miami Student

With the transition to the new Armstrong Student Center, Miami University organizations Campus Activities Council (CAC) and Miami Entertainment (ME) will consolidate to form one organization for the 2013-2014 school year. The decision was made to avoid confusion between the two groups and to centralize campus programming. Specific details of the new organization have not yet been determined, but the two are focused on collaborating in the future.

Senior EJ Corporan is director of Campus Activities and CAC.

“We’re going to complement each other,” Corporan said.

CAC is responsible for larger, spread out events such as Homecoming, Family Weekend and Springfest, while ME usually covers smaller, weekly events such as Afterdark. The idea of the two programs merging together had been proposed in the past, but the development of the new student center triggered the need to centralize planning, according to Corporan. Dr. Katie Wilson, senior director of Student Engagement, said the merging of the two groups as well as the opportunities and resources available in the new student center will lead to great programs. “The Armstrong Student Center will be a platform for amazing programming to occur, building upon the tradition of high quality programming already established by the two groups, Wilson said. “By combining both financial and human resources, they should be able to take programming to the next level and take advantage of all that the new student center will have to offer.” Student Body President John Stefanski said the consolidation will lead to improvements in programming and teamwork between the two organizations. “We are analyzing the current structure and finding ways to make campus programming better,” Stefanski said. “Both groups do a tremendous job and could really learn from each other.” Stefanski said he wanted to make clear that CAC is not taking over ME, rather, they are integrating their planning methods for the better.

“CAC could learn from ME’s ability to work with a smaller budget, while ME could have the opportunity to plan more innovative events,” Stefanski said. By collaborating, students will benefit from a more efficient system, Corporan said.

“There will be less confusion between the two organizations about which club will plan what if the two are brought together,” Corporan said.

Although specifics of the new program are under way, students can expect the same devotion to campus events as shown in the past. Junior Stephanie Spetrino, a board member of CAC, said.

“Our ultimate goal is to provide Miami students with quality programming that will enhance their undergraduate experience, and that is never going to change,” Spetrino said.

Because the process is still in the early stages, the two groups plan on further discussing this transition and hope to release more details soon. For now, both are determined to improve campus programming and continue to serve Miami students.