Kate Groton, For The Miami Student

Driving around Oxford, one might notice there are signs along the sidewalks encouraging citizens to vote for the Oxford Township Trustee.

Voting will be held for the Oxford Township Trustee elections today. This year, the three candidates are Gary Salmon, Lary Frimerman and Cal Conrad. Only two of the three candidates will be able to serve as trustees.

Both Salmon and Frimerman are rerunning for the position, and Conrad is running with a background of Mayor and Oxford City Council Member.

All three candidates aim to improve the city of Oxford, and have different ways in which they are voicing their plans for the future.

Frimerman said if elected, that he hopes to bring together Miami University, the City of Oxford and the Talawanda School District.

“I’ve have been making voters aware of my campaign through articles in newspapers, door to door, and through college clubs,” said Frimerman. “I want to implement our comprehensive plan, one of the most forward plans in Ohio, which maximizes the protection of farm land while permitting development.”

Conrad, the new face in the election, said he is opposed to the bypass of the Three-Mile River Valley. The Three-Mile River Valley Trust protects the nature and land in Oxford and the surrounding regions. Here at Miami, the trails and river behind Dennison Hall is part of the Three-Mile River Valley.

“I’m about retaining the rural aspect, supporting additional or new replacement construction in Oxford,” says Conrad. “The three mile river valley is gorgeous and I would hate to see that destroyed”.

Salmon is running for his third term as trustee. He works with other political leaders in different townships to discuss how to reduce spending. He said he believes the key to success will be cooperating and sharing the spending’s that are available.

First-year Meredith Kress said she has noticed the elections going on by the many signs in Oxford.

“Not many students are aware of the elections, but while running off-campus, I have noticed from the signs on the sidewalks that the people of Oxford really care about who gets voted as trustee,” Kress said.