Justin Reash, Community Editor

The last time someone other than Stephan Schwein was the chief of the Oxford Police Department (OPD), most students at Miami University weren’t even born yet. Schwein has been the Police Chief in Oxford for 21 years. His last day was Friday, as he retired effective immediately from law enforcement after more than 35 years of service.

Robert Holzworth, who retired from OPD as a lieutenant but was rehired in the spring, is OPD’s interim chief.

Before being named chief in Oxford 1990, Schwein served in the Ft. Meyers, Fla. police department for 16 years.

During Schwein’s tenure the OPD implemented SWAT and K-9 units. He also created the annual pig roast in the summer, according to Sgt. Jon Varley of the OPD.

Asked what his plans are for retirement, Schwein said he will stay local.

“I will continue to live in Oxford, it’s a great place to live,” he said. “The students really bring a livelihood to this city.”

Schwein said he has taken the most pride in the achievements of his fellow officers.

“I would probably say my favorite memory was seeing how my fellow officers have been recognized for their service and protection in our community,” Schwein said. “Throughout the years, several of them have received awards for their commitment, and that has made me proud.”

Oxford Mayor Richard Keebler said, “Schwein has done a very good job and he will be missed as chief of police. “

The mayor reiterated Schwein’s comments when he said, “We truly do have a very good group of officers serving this city.”

A nationwide search will be conducted by the City Council to determine who will be Schwein’s permanent successor.