Sophomore works out in OPD cell

By 4 a.m. Saturday, 19-year-old Miami University sophomore Sean Callahan had a workout in and multiple citations under his belt. At 3 a.m., an officer thought he saw Callahan urinating in front of a residence, police reports said. Callahan was holding a Four Loko and a number of beers, and he tried to hide himself, police reports said. Callahan said he had no identification and started to inch away, police reports said. Callahan took off running before stopping two blocks later when the officer told him to “please stop.” Callahan told the officer he had already been to the alcohol education program three times and didn’t want to get in trouble again. Callahan was cited for underage drinking, open container and obstructing official business. At OPD, Callahan was doing sit-ups on the cell bench before being transported to Butler County Jail.

Male claims to be 325 years old

At midnight Monday, officers found 19-year-old Colin Dewire lying down in a parking lot on Brown Road. Dewire was breathing and had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, but the officer was unable to wake him. The life squad was able to wake Dewire, who was disoriented and told them his name was “Scott Hall” and he was “325-years-old.” Dewire had been drinking at Hawks Landing earlier in the evening, police reports said. He was cited for underage drinking.

First-year asks officer to forgive him

At 2 a.m. Friday, first-year Maxwell Richey, 18, was urinating on a fence in the alley behind Skyline Chili. An officer on bike patrol stopped Richey, who slurred his words, moved slowly and smelled like alcohol, police reports said. Richey told the officer he had been drinking uptown and lost track of how much he had. Richey asked the officer to “find it in (your) heart to forgive (me)” and not give him a ticket, but said he understood that he had “really screwed up.” Richey was cited for underage drinking.

Police arrest screaming senior

Senior Jared Hasson, 21, was in a disagreement with a female at 2:15 a.m. Saturday and began running around the streets screaming at various people. The officer stopped Hasson and noted an odor of alcohol on his breath, slurred speech and trouble keeping his balance, police reports said. Hasson was cited for disorderly conduct but refused to sign the ticket and began fighting his roommates who were going to take him home, police reports said. Hasson was arrested and taken to OPD before he was released to his roommates.