Police find female lying on bench

At 12:35 a.m. Saturday, officers on patrol reportedly observed a female lying on a park bench in West Park Place.

According to police reports, the female, later identified as Miami University sophomore Robyn McGrath, 19, was lying on the bench with her eyes closed and her phone to her ear. She reportedly had “X’s” on both of her hands, indicating she was under 21 years of age.

McGrath reportedly told police she had a lot to drink, but she was “fine” and planned to get up and go to Juniper. When the officer notified her the store was closed, she said she already knew that.

McGrath reportedly had glassy eyes and slurred speech. She reportedly responded to every question with, “I’m fine.” When police asked her if she could say anything else, she reportedly said she was fine.

McGrath was cited for underage intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Students hand over drug paraphernalia to officer

At 11:50 p.m. Saturday, officers on bike patrol reportedly smelled a strong odor of burnt marijuana as they passed a row of parked cars in the alley next to the Delta Chi fraternity house.

When police turned around, they reportedly found a black SUV with the windows down and people in the front seats.

The occupants of the vehicle were identified as Miami University sophomore William Mason, 19 and first-year Robert Morrissey, 20. When the officer asked if they were smoking weed, Morrissey reportedly said they were “just hanging out.”

There was reportedly a bag on the dashboard that appeared to be marijuana. The officer reportedly asked if they were smoking a bowl or a joint, and Mason said they were smoking a bowl. He then reportedly pulled it out from under his seat and handed the officer a colored glass smoking pipe with marijuana residue.

Mason and Morrissey were each cited for drug paraphernalia and possession of drugs.

First-year falls on face into flowerbed

At around 2:50 a.m. Saturday, officers noticed a male stumbling on the sidewalk on East High Street.

The male reportedly fell face first on the sidewalk and into the flowerbed adjacent to the Oxford City Building. As the officer approached, he reportedly stood up and then fell backward again.

The officer reportedly asked him to sit to check his condition and noticed blood coming from his nose. He was identified as Miami University first-year Michael Sullivan, 18.

Sullivan reportedly admitted to being highly intoxicated and was treated by the lifesquad.

Sullivan was cited for underage intoxication.