Suspicious males solicit student at Wal-Mart

At around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, officers spoke with a Miami University senior regarding solicitors working outside Wal-Mart on College Corner Pike.

The female student told police she was walking out of the store when a male approached her and began asking her personal questions. He reportedly told her he was a non-traditional Miami student who had trouble making friends, but he was selling magazines for a class in order to win a trip to Italy. When the student refused the offer, he reportedly continued to try to persuade her.

In order to get him to leave her alone, the student eventually agreed to purchase a magazine. He reportedly asked her to get money from the ATM inside the store and followed her there. According to police reports, at the ATM he changed his original price from $20 to $34, reportedly admitting that there was a large tax. The student told police she didn’t argue over cost in order to get rid of the suspect.

Once she got money from the ATM, the male reportedly took her to another heavyset male in order to get change. The second male reportedly asked the student for her address because he said the money would be donated to a hospital and they would be sending a thank you card.

After the transaction, the student reportedly left the store and went to class. After her class, she reportedly called the store to report the men and they told her to call police.

The first male was reportedly a husky white male, 5 feet 10 inches tall with brown hair. The second male was reportedly heavyset with short, white fuzzy hair.

No arrests have been made in the case, but police are continuing to investigate the incident.

Senior reports stolen wallet

On Tuesday, Oxford police met with a Miami University senior regarding the theft of her wallet.

The student’s wallet was reportedly left on the driveway of a residence on High Street when she went inside after playing with her friends and their dog. When she returned, the wallet was reportedly gone.

There were reportedly no witnesses or suspects related to the incident.

Sophomore reports stolen laptop, charger

At around 4:15 p.m. Wednesday, a Miami University sophomore reportedly told police her laptop computer had been taken from her parked Dodge Neon on Wells Mill Drive.

The student reportedly told police she had locked her doors that night, but when she reached her car the next day, her driver’s door was reportedly unlocked. Her HP laptop computer and charger were reportedly missing.

There are no leads or suspects at this time, according to police.