Stores fail ID compliance checks

Four Oxford retailers failed to check IDs during compliance checks Sept. 10. Clerks at Kroger, Oxford Spirits, The U-Shop and Johnny’s Campus Deli sold alcoholic beverages to underage volunteers and were cited. At Kroger, the receipt indicated that the clerk had overridden the ID check, according to the Oxford Police Department (OPD). The volunteers are sent in with money to attempt to purchase alcohol without misleading or lying to the clerks. OPD checks volunteers before they go into the store to make sure they do not have identification on them. Compliance checks are done a couple times a year, according to OPD Sgt. Jon Varley. Retailers who pass compliance checks receive a letter afterward letting them know they had passed. “Usually most [retailers] pass, or only one fails,” Varley said. “It’s unusual for four to fail.”

Male refuses to leave hotel pool

Miami University first-year Craig McIntire, 20, did not want to leave the Best Western Hotel around 2 a.m. Sunday. Hotel employees asked McIntire to leave twice, but he refused, police reports said. Officers met McIntire at the pool area where he had glassy eyes and an odor of alcohol on his breath. The officer told McIntire he could either go to jail or back to his residence hall and he chose to go home to Porter Hall. On the way, the officer explained McIntire’s citation to him, which he said he wanted a lawyer to review before he signed anything and he knew his rights. McIntire agreed to sign, but before he did, he began reading the citation back to the officer and began yelling when asked to sign the citation again, police reports said. McIntire was uncooperative with the officer when he was arrested and continued to refuse to sign the ticket. McIntire was cited for charges of trespassing, underage drinking and resisting arrest and taken to Butler County Jail.

Thrown bottles injure females

Two Miami University females were the victims of multiple beer bottles thrown at their heads at 1:30 a.m. Saturday at Brick Street Bar and Grill. Both told management at the bar and were treated at McCullough Hyde Memorial Hospital. One victim had staples in her head and the other was treated for a bump on her head, police reports said. The women have one male subject in mind who “had words with them” 10 minutes prior, police reports said. Brick Street is pulling video to help identify the suspect.