OPD finds females vomiting on sidewalk

At 2 a.m. Wednesday, police responded with the Oxford Life Squad to a female having seizures in front of Uptown Underground.

When police arrived, they found two females lying on the sidewalk. They were identified as Miami University first-years Emma Noda, 19, and Genevieve Matthews, 18.

Matthews’ friends reportedly told police she had drunk too much and they had carried her out of the bar.

While police were speaking with her, Matthews began to vomit and was transported to McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital.

At the hospital, police learned Noda was also vomiting.

OPD charged both Noda and Matthews with underage intoxication.

Male offers police fake ID at station

Just after midnight Monday, police doing a bar check at Woody’s One Up bar noticed a white male without a wristband holding a half-full pitcher of beer and a nearly full cup of beer.

When police approached him, he was reportedly identified as Robert Biggar III, 20.

Biggar was taken to OPD where he told police he had a fake identification in his wallet.

Police confiscated Biggar’s fake California driver’s license and charged him with underage possession of alcohol.

Junior receives threat to siphon gas tank

At 2:19 p.m. Tuesday, police met with a Miami University junior who said he found a handwritten note on the trunk of his silver 2008 Ford Mustang.

The note, allegedly written by a male, warned the student about an unknown subject who poured soda in his gas tank. The author of the note reportedly suggested the student siphon his gas tank before using the vehicle.

Police reportedly found liquid around the mouth of the gas tank pipe that had an odor of gasoline but were unable to determine if the note was a prank.

The student is reportedly going to have a mechanic check the tank and report the findings to police.

There are no suspects at this time.

Student reports damage to multiple cars

At 10 a.m. Tuesday, officers reportedly met with a Miami University junior near the intersection of Tallawanda Road and East Withrow Street regarding damage to his vehicle.

Police reportedly found the passenger-side rearview mirror was broken off the vehicle.

The student reportedly noticed other vehicles damaged in the area.

In total, police reportedly found eight vehicles with damaged side mirrors from the 100 to 300 blocks of Tallawanda Road.

There are no suspects at this time.

Senior notifies officers of broken windshield

At 11 a.m. Monday, officers met with a Miami University senior regarding damage to her vehicle.

According to police reports, someone threw a concrete block on the windshield of the gray Ford Escape during the previous night and the block landed on the hood.

The windshield was cracked and shattered and the hood had scratches and dents on it.

There are no suspects at this time.