Police catch males stealing furniture

At around 1 a.m. Friday, Oxford Police Department officers were dispatched to 115 N. Campus Ave. in response to a theft in progress.

Two males reportedly stole porch furniture from the residence and attempted to steal a porch swing from another house on Withrow Street.

When officers arrived, they reportedly spotted two males carrying a chair and a bench. The males reportedly dropped the items and continued walking when they saw the officers.

The officers reportedly stopped the males, later identifying them as Miami University sophomore Michael O’Brien, 20, and Miami University sophomore Samuel Cagle, 20.

When Cagle reached for his ID, a fake Pennsylvania driver’s license reportedly fell out of his pocket. The ID reportedly appeared to belong to a 22-year-old male, but when officers ran the license it returned to an 89-year-old woman.

Officers also reportedly located a fake ID on O’Brien, identifying him as a 22-year-old male.

Both men reportedly had the strong odor of alcohol on their breath.

When asked about the stolen property, O’Brien reportedly told the officers the furniture had been stolen from him and he was only taking it back. However, when asked why the two dropped the furniture, O’Brien reportedly did not respond.

After eventually admitting to stealing the furniture, O’Brien reportedly told the officers that property gets stolen “all the time” and “eventually it would be stolen from him.”

O’Brien also reportedly stated that stealing is an “accepted practice” in Oxford and the entire event was being “blown out of proportion.”

O’Brien and Cagle were cited for receiving stolen property and possession of a fake ID and released.

Miami sophomore tries to outrun officer

At around 1 a.m. Saturday, Oxford Police Department officers were dispatched to 112 ½ S. Poplar St. in response to a trespasser.

Officers reportedly noticed a tall male in a black shirt on the porch of the residence. The male reportedly ran when he noticed the officers, who pursued the suspect.

The male, later identified as Miami University sophomore Charles Scharfen, 19, reportedly jumped down a retaining wall before he was found hiding outside a garage.

Scharfen was reportedly taken into custody, where officers noticed the strong odor of alcohol on Scharfen’s breath, along with slurred speech and bloodshot, glassy eyes.

Scharfen reportedly apolgized, and told the officers he was scared because he had too much to drink. He also reportedly said he was on the porch of the house because he thought it was his fraternity house.

Scharfen was cited for underage intoxication and obstructing official business before being driven back to his residence in Porter Hall.