A, B, C: Getting arrested is easy as one, two, three

The complainant said she fell asleep without locking her door and awoke upon hearing noises coming from inside the house.

After calling OPD, she noticed an unknown female in her bathroom. When the resident called out to the female, the suspect vamoosed from the premises.

Officers later located a barefoot female trotting south on South Campus Avenue. The female did not respond when officers attempted to contact her. The officer noticed the suspect wore an over 21 bar wristband.

The officers asked her if she had been drinking that night. “I’ve only been drinking,” she said. The female said she had no clue where her shoes were or where she was. However, she remembered she was 18.

While speaking with the female, officers received a communiqué from dispatch that said another report had come in of a barefoot female breaking into a house in the 500 block of North Campus Ave.

At this time, the suspect was transported to OPD and charged with burglary and offenses involving underage persons.

While being booked, the female kept whispering “A, B, C; one, two, three” under her breath. She was taken to Butler County Jail.

Officer takes out the garbage, sniffs trashcan

At 2:24 a.m. Wednesday, an OPD officer was traveling west on High Street when he noticed a male standing in front of Brick Street Bar & Grill, 36 E. High St., holding a clear cup containing blue liquid.

The officer stopped the male and asked to smell the beverage. The officer sniffed out the beverage to be a “Trashcan.”

When asked for his ID, the male presented an over-21 Pennsylvania driver’s license and his Miami student ID.

However, the officer spotted another ID in the male’s wallet that was turned around. He then asked the suspect if the Pennsylvania driver’s license was fictitious. The suspect admitted it was, and handed the officer an under-21 Ohio driver’s license.

The male was arrested, taken to OPD and charged with open container, sales to and use by underage persons and certain acts prohibited. He was released and transported back to his residence hall.