Senior cleans gun, shoots himself in leg

At 9 p.m. Sunday, officers responded to the emergency room at McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital regarding a Miami University senior who had a gunshot wound to the leg.
Police reportedly met with the male student, who had a hole in his upper, inner calf and another in his right shin. The student reportedly said he had been cleaning his revolver in his residence around 11:30 a.m. when the gun suddenly went off.

The shot reportedly entered through his calf and exited through his shin before going into a wall of the house. The student reportedly told police he waited to come to the hospital because he was embarrassed.

Officers are continuing to investigate the case.

Males attempt to rob ambulance

At 1:10 a.m. Sunday, officers responded to a call from life squad emergency medical technicians (EMT) regarding two males attempting to steal from the back of
the ambulance.

When police arrived, they reportedly found the EMTs holding two males on the ground. The squad members reportedly told police they had parked the vehicle for a call and as they got out they noticed a male standing near the rear passenger side that used profane language to address one of the EMTs.

Once the squad members went to the emergency, they reportedly came back to the ambulance to get more equipment and heard yelling from the back of the vehicle.  Then, two males reportedly came out of the back of the ambulance and ran north on Main Street toward West Park Place. The squad members reportedly chased the suspects and caught up to them when one stopped to help the other who had fallen on the ground.

The squad members reportedly told police they were not sure if anything had been taken, but items in the vehicle had been tampered with.

The males reportedly told police they had been drinking earlier in the night and made stupid decisions as a result. One of the males reportedly said the pair had gotten in a fight earlier in the night and had a bad night since. Both reportedly had an odor of an alcoholic beverage on their breath.

The males were identified as Collin McCanna, 21, and Nathen Kontny, 21, from Wisconsin.

McCanna and Kontny were both charged with breaking and entering and criminal mischief and taken to Butler County Jail.

First-year assaults student, runs away

At 2 a.m. Saturday, officers met with a Miami University sophomore in front of Ogden Hall regarding a possible assault.

The student reportedly told police he was walking back to North quad with his girlfriend and her mom when another student, later identified as first-year Conner Earley, approached him. Earley reportedly asked the student and the group he was with if he was fat and then tried to start a fight with the student. Earley punched the student in the face and then tried to shake his hand when a friend pulled him back. When the student told him to go home, Earley reportedly tried to punch him again each time it was suggested. When the student told Earley he had called the police, Earley punched him in the eye and ran down Bishop Street. Police reportedly found an Ohio driver’s license in Earley’s pocket that he admitted he had stolen from his brother.

Earley was charged with assault, underage intoxication and certain acts prohibited.