Middle schooler makes verbal threat

Around 2 p.m. Wednesday, an Oxford police officer met with the Talawanda Middle School Principal at Oxford Lanes. Two sixth graders reported being harassed by a seventh grader. The sixth graders told the officer that the seventh grader choked both of them and after they freed themselves, the seventh grader said he was going to “put a bullet” in their heads. One witness said it was actually the sixth grader who threw the first punch. The officer followed up this report and contacted all families involved.

Female reports lost North Face jacket

Around noon Tuesday, an Oxford police officer was dispatched to S Locust St. regarding a theft offense. When the officer met with the Miami University student, they went to the location of her Chevy Blazer. The victim said that Monday, the day before, she left her car parked and unlocked outside of her apartment. The victim returned to the vehicle the next day to run some errands and locked her car at each stop. During her errands, she realized her black North Face jacket was missing from the back seat. There are no suspects or leads at this time.

Student punches Miami Metro bus, flees uptown

Around 9 p.m. Wednesday, an Oxford police officer responded to a report made by a Miami Metro bus. When the officer spoke with the driver, he said a college student punched part of the inside of the bus, causing damage. The bus driver described the student to the officer and said there were two witnesses in the bus that heard him saying that the suspect was going to Brick Street Bar and Grill. There was a significant dent on the top panel above the side of the exit door so the officer decided to search for the male at Brick Street. The officer found the suspect in the front of the lobby and asked him about the incident. The suspect was identified as first-year Kasopefoluwa Ayodele, 19. Ayodele said he punched the inside of the bus because he was frustrated with a friend. Ayodele was charged with criminal mischief.