Staff, The Miami Student

First-year fights with officers, goes to jail

At 11:45 p.m. Wednesday, police were dispatched to Woody’s One Up Bar for an unwanted female patron, Miami first-year Eleanor Birch, refusing to leave.

Upon arrival, Birch was identified as the problem female yelling obscenities at the bar owner, according to police.

Birch refused to leave the four or five times the bar owner asked her to previously and then she hit him prior to leaving, according to police.

Police found Birch in front of Skyline and asked for identification, where she claimed she had none, but was 18 years old. Police said Birch was obviously intoxicated and attempted to place her under arrest, but she resisted putting her hands behind her back. Police had to forcibly handcuff Birch. Birch urinated while being handcuffed, which got on the officer’s pant leg.

Birch slipped her hands out of the handcuffs while in the car, according to police. When the officer noticed Birch had done so, she tried to handcuff her again, and Birch refused.

The officer moved Birch to the trunk area of the vehicle for leverage, but Birch refused to bring her hands behind her back, police said.

During the struggle, the officer took Birch to the ground and handcuffed her and superficially injured his knee. While in the jail, Birch was handcuffed to take care of personal hygiene issues. While washing her hands, she threw water at another officer and ran for a door to escape. Birch was subdued and placed into a cell before transport to Butler County Jail.

Marijuana odor leads to charges for senior

At 9:30 p.m. Wednesday, police were investigating a litter violation at 7 E. Spring St. when the officer recognized the odor of burnt marijuana. The residents refused the officer consent to search the residence, so police completed a search warrant and had it signed. During the search, with the company of a canine, drug-related items including a glass pipe, digital scale and baggies all with residue from marijuana were found, according to police. Senior Gabriella Banno was charged with possessing drug paraphernalia.

Male punches, shatters door at Brick Street

At 2:34 a.m. Thursday, a male subject was asked to leave Brick Street bar after causing a disturbance. When asked, the subject pushed the female staff member, and then was escorted outside by two bartenders. As he was being escorted, the subject punched the front door, breaking the glass, according to police. When the male was identified, he gave the bar employees an Ohio driver’s license belonging to someone else to represent his own. Police said he then gave the staff his real identification, which found him under the age of 21. Police chose not to comment on the identification of the suspect and were unable to disclose any charges against him.