Male flees from police, knocks over female

Friday around 2:23 a.m., an Oxford Police officer was traveling southbound on the 0 block of North Poplar Street. The officer turned his car into the alley by the Wood’s Bar where he observed a male urinating against a wall.

The officer got out of his car and the male began walking away. When the officer was within arm’s length of the male, the male began running, still attempting to fasten his pants. The male collided with a female who was walking in the opposite direction. They both fell to the ground. The officer then held the male down until another officer arrived. They then checked on the female and found she had struck the back of her head on the sidewalk, so they called for Oxford Life Squad and an ambulance, according to OPD.

The male suspect was first-year Matthew Sheehan, who had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, a strong alcoholic odor on his breath and two wristbands indicating he was over 21 years of age, according to OPD. The Life Squad treated the female first, but she refused to be transported to McCullough-Hyde Hospital and said she would walk there.

She had a large bump on the back of her head and an abrasion. She was able to write out a brief synopsis of what happened and then walked to the hospital with two friends. The Life Squad then treated Sheehan, who told officers “this is a dick move,” according to OPD.

He was treated at the scene, then taken to OPD. Upon arrest, officers also found a fictitious license. Sheehan was charged with obstructing official business, sales to and use by underage persons, certain acts prohibited and disorderly conduct, according to OPD. He was then transported to the Butler County Jail.

Officer arrests two females after fist fight

Sunday around 2:28 a.m., OPD responded to a call on High Street and East Park Street in reference to a fight. The officer observed two females fighting in front of the barbershop at 50 E. Park Place. One female was on the ground while the other was on top of her striking her with a closed fist. The officer observed the female strike the other female approximately 10-12 times, according to OPD.

The officer detained the female who was throwing punches, yet she kept struggling, according to OPD.

The other female got up from the ground and ran towards the one that was restrained. Now the officer was restraining both. Both females ignored his commands to stop fighting. They continued to throw punches and grab each other while the officer attempted to restrain them, according to OPD.

One female was placed in one cop car, and the other female in another. Both were transported to OPD for booking. The females were identified as Nidia Tapia of Middletown, Ohio and Karina Adolphus of Fairfield, Ohio according to OPD. Tapia was the female initially observed striking the other female, Adolphus.

Both made voluntary statements saying the fight stemmed from an ongoing issue from earlier in the night at Brick Street Bar and Grill. One claimed the other was trash-talking and did not know how to keep her mouth shut, according to OPD. Both were charged with disorderly conduct and released to friends, according to OPD.