Male spits on police car, threatens officer

At 2:19 a.m. Friday, an Oxford Police Department officer on patrol reportedly observed a male being restrained by other citizens while screaming and cursing outside The Wood’s Bar.

When the male reportedly began to walk toward a group of people, the officer stopped him and asked for identification.

The male reportedly told the officer he “didn’t want to get arrested again,” and provided an international student card identifying him as Miami University student William Cundiff, 19.

Cundiff reportedly told the officer he didn’t have a driver’s license because he is from England.

According to police reports, Cundiff was highly intoxicated, unsteady on his feet and displayed poor motor skills.

Cundiff reportedly admitted to drinking alcohol and was arrested. Upon further search, the officer reportedly located a valid Connecticut driver’s license.

After being placed in the back of a police cruiser, Cundiff reportedly thrashed around and continued screaming.

Cundiff reportedly told the officer, “Being drunk is not a big deal because it is just kids experimenting with their lives.”

Cundiff also reportedly said he “hates this f*cking country because everybody is out to get him.”

When the officer began to release Cundiff from the vehicle, he reportedly spit on the rear passenger window.

The officer told Cundiff to refrain from spitting, and Cundiff reportedly replied, “What do you want me to do, jack off?”

Cundiff was cited and taken home, where he reportedly fell up the front steps before struggling to open his front door.

While on his front porch, Cundiff reportedly told the officer to leave several times. Cundiff then told the officer, “If I ever see you again, I will kill you.”

When the officer turned on the cruiser spotlight, Cundiff reportedly ran into the house.

Cundiff was cited for underage intoxication, possession of a fake ID and disorderly conduct.

Female unable to sign citation

At around 1:30 a.m. Friday, Oxford Police Department officers were dispatched to the rear of The Wood’s Bar in response to a female who could not care for herself.

Officers reportedly found a female, later identified as Miami University sophomore Emily Luvison, 19, standing with the assistance of two other people.

Luvison reportedly fell down multiple times and when asked basic questions like her name and age, Luvison only replied “yes.”

Luvison reportedly had an odor of alcohol on her breath and bloodshot, glassy eyes.

The life squad transported Luvison to McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital, where she was cited.

Luvison was reportedly unable to sign the ticket because she was too intoxicated and fell asleep.

Luvison was cited for underage intoxication.